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Questions and Answers

How do I know which type of therapy I should have?
In most cases, your choice of therapy will become clear as you say more about what you want. Should changing the way you work become a consideration we can discuss all the possible options.

Can you show me where your practise is?

What about confidentiality?
This is an important issue, we make an agreement that confidentiality is implicit at all times. We can discuss the meaning of the word 'confidential'.

How many sessions will I expect to have?
The number of sessions varies according to what you want and how you feel during the process. You will have the opportunity to say what works for you and reviews are made in our work together.

How long is each session?
Each session is 50 minutes and I ask clients to allow time either side of this time, for flexibility.

How do I book an appointment?
To book an appointment or to discuss what therapy can offer you, you can call my mobile and leave a message for me: 0771 374 8058. You can also email me, by clicking the email link above & right of this page.

How much is each session?
Please enquire by phone or by e-mail. I believe therapy should be accessible to a wide variety of people. I offer a limited number of low-cost therapy for people on low income or students. Please enquire to discuss fees.

What happens if or when I want to end my therapy?
For each client, ending is an individual experience...therefore, consideration and discussion is in proportion to the time spent working together. Dependant on this, an agreed amount of sessions will be made to support a satisfying ending.
Some clients want an ‘open-ending’, as such, they like to feel they can call and arrange sessions as and when they feel.
This is an individual arrangement, based upon the therapeutic relationship already formed.

Care and thought are given during the therapeutic process and clients often experience a deeper personal understanding of themselves.

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